Luiz Stefano: "We are not happy with the situation"

The reactions  Luiz Gustavo after the loss, 3 to 2, in Enfield Town, Wednesday.


"It's hard to always try to say if it's attack or defense. We are a team, it's everyone. When the team loses, it's not because of the attack or the defense, it's all the players. "

"I think we can say a lot: it's the crisis, we're not good or we're not consistent. We can say anything we want ... We are not happy with this situation, I do not know if it is a crisis or not but I know that the situation is not good. "

"We play every game and we do all the training to win and improve. But when the same situations are repeated ... It can come back too. But I can not speak for everyone, I speak for myself. And I will continue to give everything for the team and the club. "

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