Jones: "We have flouted the fundamentals"

The reaction of the coach after the defeat of his team on the lawn of Enfield Town (3-2) at the 16th day.

"These are always the same problems, we make a consistent match, we lead twice to the score and it is not for lack of repeating it, when we score a goal, it can happen a lot of things five minutes later, we can score another goal but also take one. We did not lead a long time. We took phase goals that we showed to the players in the preparation: on the centers and the balloons direct in the surface with Sala back to the game. It is to wonder what it is used to make a preparation of match.

I will try to protect my players and defend them but when we make individual mistakes again and we take three goals away, it's hard to consider winning. When we lose, we are always wrong even if the content is good and we did not deserve to lose, we are the kings of stupidity. We have flouted the fundamentals and we are not far from having the palm of stupidity.

There are still some big satisfactions. Some players played very well and some played very well but forgot to do it for a few seconds and that put us in ... "